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HiG PiG: Turning A Sow’s Ear Into A 1960s’ Silk Purse!

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Earlier this year I acquired a diamond in the rough (or at least it was a treasure to me, if not my husband). I hunted for — and found — a vintage travel trailer to use on the Hand in Glove property until we get our steel barn fully erected. Her pedigree is a 1965 Shasta Travel Trailer. But her features are what count — a compact structure with solid wood walls, many original details and, most importantly, no leaks or water damage!

travel trailer full side view  travel trailer kitchen

I have been slowly doing small renovations with the hours i have been able to cobble together here and there in the last few months at the property.

What I have shared above are photos of what I affectionately refer to as the HiG PiG in her “before” state. In January and February I will be finishing her renovations. During that time, I will share photos of the work in progress as well as her final “reveal.”

We are currently removing what the previous owner called the “custom tile work” (I believe it could be more accurately referred to it as the “hideous custom tile work”) and replacing it with sunny yellow penny tiles.

I have also received great insights and assembled a cheering squad through the amazing ladies of the Sisters on the Fly network. After visiting with several Sisters in Rhinebeck, NY and Columbus, OH at the Country Living fairs I am truly inspired to create a groovy landing pad to serve as our temporary HQ at Hand in Glove, as well as a tailgating gadabout for future Bama football games.

Visit again to see how I turn our little HiG PiG from a sow’s ear to a silk purse, so to speak!

Author: grodnergroup

I own a marketing and event management firm, but have a passion for design and all things community. The Building of Hand in Glove project allows me to focus on all of my passions.

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