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Life provides endless opportunities and detours. In these moments, we have a choice — how best to embrace what you cannot predict and find the “teachable moments.” These are words I have always known to be true, but have found even more profound recently.

The last 20 months have been both overwhelming and gratifying:

  • the sincere honor of sharing Valentines Day 2013 with the Sandy Hook community — and my new found friends there;
  • dealing with — and coming out stronger on the other side — from a personal cancer scare that has required numerous surgeries and follow up doctor’s visits; and
  • the loss of my dear brother-in-law, Brian, after his own four-year cancer battle.

I must be honest. Spending a big chuck of my life in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at this time (or ever, for that matter) was the furthest thing from my mind when I last posted here. But I was presented with one of those unexpected opportunities.

While I was able to have a true impact during this time and develop programs and processes of which I was proud, I also found a broken city in Harrisburg. It is a place with tremendous potential, providing an interesting secondary platform to continue to accomplish many of the things that are important to me. And now, my original reason for coming to this place has passed.

Here are some truths I have learned, or had reinforced, as a result of this latest leg in my life’s journey:

  1. Authenticity is underrated and difficult to find, but vital to happiness and understanding.
  2. Being a creative person is an obligation and responsibility.
  3. Every place has something special.
  4. Giving — of your time, your energy, your spirit — is the most gratifying way to live.
  5. Family IS home, and wherever they are, there is no place like it.
  6. The best life requires relevant focus.
  7. My nieces rock!

That being said — it’s back on at Hand in Glove! We are redoubling our efforts to build this magical place to be enjoyed by not just ourselves, but also so many others.

Author: grodnergroup

I own a marketing and event management firm, but have a passion for design and all things community. The Building of Hand in Glove project allows me to focus on all of my passions.

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