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Look What I Found: #4

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I am certain that our redesigned farmhouse table is going to be the hub of Hand in Glove when we complete construction. I also know that I want it to be a comfortable place for folks to linger after a hearty meal, during a days long round of Monopoly or around a complex group puzzle.

We have a great Paula Deen sofa from my former office that I intend to repurpose as seating along one side of the table. On the other, will be an assortment of traditional chairs all married in style with a cohesive coat of creamy white paint. But what will the exclamation points be at either end of the table?

I knew immediately what I wanted. Two traditional wing back chairs upholstered in a nontraditional manner. I hit antique shops and thrift stores throughout Birmingham looking for just the right thing.

When I got to the Mission Possible store, run by  a local nonprofit, I hit the mother lode of wing back chairs. They had some that were almost throne-like, others that were less ostentatious. Some with nail heads, others without. Some in beautiful brocades, others in busy florals. My goal was to find two that were close in style and with similar lines, that had some level of gravitas, but that would also look great wrapped in nontraditional garb.

And so I found these:


and turned them into these with fabric I found at Sew Sheri Designs.


Interestingly, owner Sheri Corey said that the fabric languished in the store. When I took the chairs to Edgewood Antique Center to be reupholstered, I was out of town for a few days and they sat in the shop awaiting my return. I was told that several customers wanted to buy them out from under me, which points to two lessons: look at the unexpected to create something truly special and don’t leave your newly reupholstered goods unattended for too long!

Author: grodnergroup

I own a marketing and event management firm, but have a passion for design and all things community. The Building of Hand in Glove project allows me to focus on all of my passions.

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