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Look What I Found! #3

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chicken on egg vintage pagecow diagram on vintage pagemouse on vintage page

I love I stumbled upon the site years ago when it was first up and running, offering truly original works of art that were reasonably priced. While the site has exploded since then in terms of volume and quality (both for better and worse), it is still home to some truly incredible efforts. Browsing on etsy is like attending an art festival from the privacy of your home, with access to artists you may not have found otherwise. I still visit often to discover new artists, new works, new inspiration.

Examples of original art snagged from etsy are on display throughout our everyday house in Crestline (some examples shown below). In addition to these wall art pieces which I love, I have scored original serving pieces, jewelry and accessories.

bird on a wire art

white pieces from living roomelephant watercolor painting

trees mixed media piece

My latest find was another stumble upon but a great one. I was actually on etsy looking for an artist to create an original sign for our current house, recently dubbed Ivy Hill (scored one etched on a piece of recycled slate at T. Michael Studios,

But inadvertently I also located Spanish shop PRRINT ( They create art from vintage drawings, collages and original art printed on upcycled book pages. Most, but not all, of the pages are in Spanish which only adds to their charm. And the pieces I ordered, and that just arrived, are even more stunning than I could have imagined (or that you can see in the images shown at the beginning of this post). The vibrant colors and exquisite details literally pop off the pages.

In addition to their beauty, the art prints from PRRINT are also reasonably priced. I actually ordered 10 pieces. Why so many? Individual pieces are $7.99 but you also can order 10 prints for $50, or $5 each. What a great way to fill your home with beautiful art and to do a little holiday shopping at the same time. Shh! Can’t tell you about most of the other images I picked up because they are destine for the gift closet and ultimately to become treasures for beloved family members and friends.

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I own a marketing and event management firm, but have a passion for design and all things community. The Building of Hand in Glove project allows me to focus on all of my passions.

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