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Look What I Found! #2


I guess it harkens back to days when greasers found the hood of their car the most comfortable place to hang out on a Saturday night. I love this bench from Alabama artist Ethan Sawyer of Sawyer Vinson Art Build. Trained in Industrial Design at Auburn University, Ethan takes old car hoods to a whole new (and surprisingly comfortable!) level. This bench specifically speaks to my personal design aesthetic for items that have clean lines but a level of stylized detail, as well as history.


I scored this baby blue version at Urban Cottage, a great little shop tucked away in the Crestwood section of Birmingham.

I think it will look perfect perched in front of our red metal barn house.  Do you agree?


Author: grodnergroup

I own a marketing and event management firm, but have a passion for design and all things community. The Building of Hand in Glove project allows me to focus on all of my passions.

2 thoughts on “Look What I Found! #2

  1. How interesting is that! Very creative. Have fun with it.

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