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Look What I Found! #1

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In addition to Storage Shopping, I am also doing plenty of regular shopping for Hand in Glove. This involves looking for furniture, fixtures and decorative elements  to add that “extra something” to the house, on a budget.

As I blog a I will begin to share some of those finds with you. Here is one of my favorites so far.

What is it? A decorative sign on weathered wood featuring a beautifully hand painted fish. It is from a Tuscaloosa restaurant that was being renovated and I am sure will become a classic detail in our new place. I found it at the Habitat Tuscaloosa ReStore.

Right now, I envision it as an art detail on one of the more expansive walls or as a table top for either a coffee table between two oversized leather sofas or on our refashioned farm style dining table (it measures 34″ x 78″).

What do you think would be the best use for this item?

Author: grodnergroup

I own a marketing and event management firm, but have a passion for design and all things community. The Building of Hand in Glove project allows me to focus on all of my passions.

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