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Storage Shopping: Upholstered Chairs

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In the latest foray into our storage units to unearth hidden treasures, I came across two chairs I forgot we held onto when my in-laws moved out of their house. They were sweet based on both their dainty floral fabric and diminutive proportions, but at first glance the most important thing they had going for them was that they were a matched set.

I have always loved upcycling, refurbishing and giving new life to old furniture. Sometimes it saves you money; sometimes it saves you the mediocrity of having a house that looks like everyone else’s. And in the right circumstances, you might even end up with something truly magical.

Beyond initial impressions, I realized the chairs had more to offer. The lines were clean, always part of my design aesthetic.

They were on casters which means they will move with ease on the polished concrete floors we intend to have in the finished farmhouse, whether within the main room or from gathering room to bedroom to mudroom.

And I was certain with new upholstery they would fit right into the color scheme and
mish mash decor I have in mind for our “home away from home.”

 So off I went to Sew Sheri Designs to find the right look for the old chairs. I decided upon a solid red textured fabric to give the upholstery its second life (detail of the fabric is shown to the left).

While I thought about losing the buttons in the back, or thought about using an alternate fabric for them, in the end (back to that clean lines aesthetic) decided to retain them and use the same fabric as the chairs themselves.

The chairs came back from the upholsterer this week. And they did not disappoint. Below is the finished result sporting a gray knitted pillow from the Nate Berkus Collection for Target.

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I own a marketing and event management firm, but have a passion for design and all things community. The Building of Hand in Glove project allows me to focus on all of my passions.

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